5 Year Vision

Jess and I had a meeting with Esmée Fairbairn this morning and they grilled us about our vision, i.e. where do we want to be in 5 years time? Whilst we have strategies and an overall vision for school councils, we need to have an organisational vision and interim points of reference.

For instance, if our vision is that every school has an effective school council, how will School Councils UK look if that was the case? We also need interim reference points in the form of a five year vision so that we have a tangible marker to work towards and a clear way to measure our success.

I suggest that we need to answer the following questions:
– what will the school councils field look like in 5 years?
– what role will School Councils UK have?

Once we have decided the answers to these questions we will know if our current strategies will help us to effectively achieve this vision and we should also be able to identify if there are any strategies that are not currently in place but need to be.


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  1. brimfulof

    Surely these are exactly the questions we answered in Widsor?

    We described what we would like the external situation to be ultimately, and from there we thought about what would be measurable points along the way to that, and what measurable things we would be doing to achieve those goals.

    If I recall correctly we did it at a distance of 'Ultimate goal', 10 year, 3 year, 1 year.

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