Citizenship Survey

There’s some really interesting stuff in this.

Amongst many other things it looks at how much influence people believe they can have on their locality and Great Britain, what they believe to be important British values, how discriminated against people feel and how much they mix with other ethnicities.

Some facts that I thought were interesting is that Africans (living here) feel they have the most influence on British society, 26-35 year olds are generally the most cynical and dissaffected, the elderly are the most trusting and lots of people lie about how much they mix socially with people from other races.

Unfortunately it only goes down to 16 year olds, so I’ll be writing to them asking whether they might extend the survey next time to include school-aged children.

This is the link.

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  1. Asher

    I've had a response from the Communities Team who carried out the research and they agreed that it would be interesting to get the views of children too. They said they did in 2003, in collaboration with the DfES, and were looking into how to do so again. They've said we'll be kept informed.

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