Involving young people in governance – new seminars for 2008

From NCB

London 23 January 2008
Leeds 4 March 2008
There are nearly 900,000 trustees of registered charities and nearly as many members of community groups. Only around 0.5 per cent of these are under 25 years old. We need to do more to ensure that young people are involved in the governance of both the voluntary and statutory sector. But how can we do this effectively?
The Governance Hub has funded NCB to run two seminars with the aim of challenging some of the myths associated with involving young people in governance and leadership. NCB will deliver these seminars alongside The British Youth Council, 11 Million and the Charity Commission to participation officers in local authorities and leads in regional government offices and leaders of voluntary and community sector organisations. The scheme is supported by Participation Works. For more information please contact Paul Taylor at; 020 8348 604

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  1. Matt

    As far as I can tell this seminar is in reference to involving young people in the running of your organisation, not to do with young people generally becoming involved in leadership.

    It is largely a myth buster session, not a how to, so not sure how helpful it will be, but the site has lead me to some interesting guides, including a bit on youth trustees.

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