Even spies need school councils

I got a call on Friday from a someone I hadn’t heard from for years. She and I used to volunteer doing youth work together. It turns out she’s now working on a BBC kids show called M.I. High (Official BBC mini-site; Wikipedia page).  The school they film in had one of our posters up. The producer was about to rip it down, as they “didn’t have clearance to use it”, when Hannah said she thought she knew how to get it cleared. She made a quick call to me  and now the kids at Saint Hope’s (spies or otherwise) get the benefit of a great poster promoting their school council! As it turned out the poster in question was one her brother had commissioned when he was working for School Councils UK!



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  1. SchoolCouncilsUK

    I'll give a £20 prize to the first person who posts on this blog that they've actually seen one of our posters on M.I. High. I want to know in which episode – I'll check!

    Bonus £10 prizes to anyone who spots any of our posters, badges, etc. in any other TV shows.

    All prizes will be vouchers from a high street store.

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