School wins anti-bullying award

The school council at Richard Coates School played a major role in promoting their anti-bullying campaign that led to them recieving this award. They felt it was very important to get the whole school involved as it is an issue that effects everyone.

An Anti-bullying week was organised and included a variety of activities from tutorials and quizzes to a performance demonstrating the efects of cyber-bullying.

The school is also very proud of its Peer Supporters where the older pupils help the younger pupils settle into the school. They also let the pupils know that they are always there if they ever need someone to talk to about bullying, or any other concerns.

“The uptake for Peer Supporter training is huge. Pupils are proud of their school and want to help everyone to continue to feel safe and happy.”

The award from Northumberland county council was presented to Daniel Hadfield, school council member.


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