What would you ask a Spaceman?

Primary school pupils from Budbrooke got the chance to speak to a man whilst he was hundreds of miles away in outer space, and then even better this week they got to see him in person and ask him anything they wanted, from what he eats to what he wears.

Better still this fantastic opportunity all started with a simple idea at a school council meeting. Then the pupils submitted an application to the NASA radio project, and from this they became one of four schools in the world able to talk to Mr Richard Garriott, space tourist.

The pupils had a fantastic time talking to Mr Garriott and it proves that school councils can make things happen far beyond the classroom.


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  1. K. capa

    I think I would ask him how he snuck the ashes of James Doohan (Scotty from Star Trek) onto the international space station without anyone knowing. Pretty cool.

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