Making it fun: get to know your reps

Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.

Albert Schweizer, French philosopher, physician and winner of the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize (1875 – 1965)

It doesn’t matter who you’re teaching, training or working with, this is true; so we’ve made it central to everything we’re trying to do with involver. We know that if we don’t make participation fun, there’s no way we’ll get everyone involved, so we’re trying to have fun whilst we do it, present ourselves in a light-hearted way and use what we do as an example for school councils and other forms of participation.

With that in mind I’ve been working on little bios of me and Greg today, and it gave me an idea of a fun way to get people to know who their reps are.  You can read our quick guide here and download for your own use with these links:

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Have Fun Getting to Know Your Reps

involver [ engage | impact | enjoy ] Have fun getting to know your reps It’s much easier to get things done in your school if you know the names of the people who are supposed to be helping you. Everyone has a school council notice board (What? You don’t, shame on you, get one up now!). Here’s an even better way to make sure everyone knows who their reps are on all the different councils you might have in your school (e.g. school council, year council, eco council, class council, governors). 1. Create one card for each rep with their picture on and a few funny facts about them. GET EACH PERSON TO CHECK THE CARD ABOUT HIM OR HER. Print them out (check how many with an adult) and cut them up. Hand cards out around school. People can swap them or play games like Top Trumps with them. Don’t worry if people lose them, remember it’s just a bit of fun. 2. 3. 4. 5. Asher Jacobsberg Job title: involver Age: 30 Height: 192cm (6 foot 4ish) Greg Sanderson Job title: involver Age: 28 Height: 173cm (5 foot 9ish) Shoe size: 8 Musical instruments : 5 (guitar, bass, piano, trumpet, vio lin) Children: 0 Top speed: The spee d of sound (about 1,225 kph / 761 mp h) Special skills: Banter ; chat; citizenship guru; th inks in music. Shoe size: 10 Musical instruments: None Children: 1 (Ayla, aged 2) n his Top speed: 64kph (40mph—o bike) ut Special skills: Can speak abo ert anything with authority; exp ; hairy. trainer; talks to computers

Update: I’ve created some templates to hlep you to create your own cards like the ones above: Getting to know your reps game template

As involver develops there’ll be more and more like this, so keep checking back, follow me on Twitter (I’ll always let Twitter know about new free resources), or subscribe by RSS.

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