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I wrote this little pocket guide for the school councils of some secondary schools I’m working with. It should be useful to anyone who’s interested in becoming a rep (representative) or is one already and wants some tips on how to make a good job of it.

Most schools have reps as part of the way they run student voice, often class reps, year or house council reps and then even school council reps who might meet with people from other schools.

But being a rep’s not easy, so here are some tips and guides on how to do it well.

Inside you’ll find answers to all of these questions:

  • What is a rep (representative)?
  • What’s good student voice?
  • What does a rep do?
  • How do I collect views?
  • How do I create change?
  • How do meetings work?
  • What should I ask in meetings?
  • How do I run a meeting?
  • What are minutes?
  • Can meetings be fun?
  • How do I present an idea?
  • How do we get things done?

It’s designed as an A5 booklet so if you print it our double-sided onto A4 all the pages should match up

Download the PDF here:

Download “The anti-school council” – Downloaded 0 times –

As with all of our work, we release it under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike licence, so if you want to remix it – add your own logos, etc. – you can do that with the Publisher files here:

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  1. avon representative

    I wish they'd had something like this at my old school. I think more people would have been interested in becoming reps if they really knew what the whole thing involved. Most people just ignored the opportunity and I don't think that would have been the case if they knew exactly waht it all entailed and what they needed to do.

  2. Sheena Gordon

    Thanks for the tips! I find this quite useful! I’m sure many aspiring and existing school council reps will benefit from this.

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