Who decides? Student voice boundaries and possibilities

This is a great little session to do at the beginning of the year when you’re trying to figure out what you want your school council (or student voice more broadly) to get involved with.

I think it works particularly well when you have groups of staff and students in the same room and then get them to look at one another’s lists at the end.

  1. Download these cards and cut them up (each group needs one set): [Download not found]
  2. Split people into small groups. If working with pupils and staff together have separate staff and pupil groups.
  3. Get them to sort the cards as a group, discussing each one briefly as they go.
  4. You can ask different groups to do:
    • As it is now
    • How they think it should be
    • How they think pupils/staff want it to be (whichever they aren’t)
  5. Get the groups to look at one another’s cards and discuss any differences or surprises.

You can do this is a short session (15 minutes) but if often provokes quite a lot of debate, so it can easily stretch to 45 (15 minutes sorting and 30 discusing).

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