Promoting your school council with plaques

The previous ideas have all been about meetings: improving chairing, dealing with more issues and involving Reception and KS1. This idea is about how you can celebrate what comes out of those meetings, and how you can get more people to feed ideas in.

The issue

Although the school council is doing a lot people don’t know about it.

The suggestion

Whenever the school council does anything make a plaque and stick it up in a relevant place – or as relevant a place as you can find. You want to have the school covered in them.

School Council achievements plaques

Plaques could just be laminated card, but the better they look the more important the school council will be seen to be.

The outcome

People are always reminded of the ability of the school council to make change; therefore they are more likely to involve the school council when they want to change something.

It becomes obvious where the school council has not managed to have an impact yet.

Additional ideas

You could develop a logo for the school council to put on these plaques and to help identify the school council.

This is just one way of promoting the school council. The most important thing is to have a strong, regular structure of class meetings and feedback so everyone in the school knows how they are involved in making changes in the school.

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