The Children’s Commissioner wants your views

The Children’s Commissioner wants your views

The Children’s Commissioner would like to hear from children and young people on what they think are the best things about being a child or young person and what could be better.

Please help us promote this short survey to the children and young people you know and work with. We have three questions and it should only take a couple of minutes to complete. It will help us to understand what is important to children and young people in England and help to improve lives.

The survey is open for 7-21 year olds, time is crucial we want to start this debate now and will be pulling together first findings on TUESDAY 30 JUNE MIDDAY!

This survey is just one of the many ways that the Children’s Commissioner will be encouraging us all to think about, talk about and share what childhood means to children and young people today. Children and young people can be helped and supported by peers and adults to ensure accessibility with this quick straw poll and look out for our other engagement methods on this topic over the year.

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