Welcome to the Brexit Blog

Welcome to the Brexit Blog

Hi, my name is Sam and welcome to our Brexit Blog!

Context is always useful so here we go; this blog is designed to be a reference library on all the big issues that young people are concerned about as we sail towards an EU-less future. By day, I am Involver’s Europe House School’s Visit Officer –  and a former teacher – now delivering educational sessions on behalf of the European Union and the European Parliament.

The issues and topics here raised come from young people’s own voices as they express their preferences, priorities, and hopes for post-Brexit Britain during our EU educational sessions. We facilitate over a 100 of these sessions each year and reach thousands of young people across the U.K whose voices are scarcely listened-to in the national debate. Each post will address a particular Brexit-themed issue and include references to balanced, well-written further reading for you to dive head-first into the debate.

As ever in politics it’s important to note this blog is a platform for discussion and debate, not propaganda.

Keen a keen-eye out for our first Brexit Blog topic: Travel!

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