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Involving a very large school council

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Involving a very large school council

One of the problems of school councils is that they’re exclusive, they inherently narrow down the number of people who can get involved. For a structure that’s there to give everyone a voice, that seems like the wrong way to go. On the other hand, having 100 people in a room, let alone 1,000, can make it pretty difficult to get anything done.

So when we were asked to work with Northampton Academy who have over 70 students on their school council we were eager to see how we could make that work. After a bit of head scratching as to how we would approach it I remembered a method for collective action that I’d read about, Open Space.

Active citizenship needs to be at the heart of education

Yesterday was the final day to respond to the last bit of the Government’s consultation on its controversial and rushed reworking of the National Curriculum. We have been actively involved with the Democratic Life consortium which has been using this opportunity to campaign for the strengthening of the Citizenship curriculum. As well as contributing to Democratic Life’s response to the consultation we wrote a response on behalf of the Smart School Councils Community. We used the response submitted by involver, below, to reinforce what they both said: