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European Parliament Liaison Office

We’re delivering free, engaging and interactive educational sessions on the European Union, commissioned by European Parliament’s Liaison Office in the UK.

We’ll help your students to..

  • Gain an understanding of the European Union and how it works
  • Gain an understanding of the history and achievements of the EU
  • Explore the values of the EU and the European Parliament, including diversity
  • Explore and understand the new EU-UK relationship

Sessions are completely free and impartial.

They are targeted at 16-18 year olds – Y11/S4 to Y13/S6.

How are they delivered?

The session will be an informative and energetic digital workshop that will use interactive tools to engage students with the session aims in a supportive, exploratory and fun way. 

We will work with your school/college’s preferred online meeting tools, adhering to your online learning safeguarding protocols.

Sessions will utilise polls, questioning, chat boxes and high quality content to engage students.

For the moment, these sessions are being delivered online.

Book your session

We offer two different sessions. Each is 45 minutes long. These can either be booked separately or together as a 90 minute session.

How do they work?

Student age range16-18 (Y11/S4 to Y13/S6)
Group size10-30
Length of session45 mins (if booking Session 1 or 2 individually)

90 mins (if booking both sessions together)
Delivery methodLive, interactive online presentations, tasks and debates
Equipment required by participantsThe sessions work best when each participant has a device.
Other requirementsA member of school/college staff to participate throughout the session

Session content

Session 1: EU understanding, history and decision-making

Introduction5 minsWelcome and introductions.
Setting expectations; understanding how the session will work.
Starter activity5 minsInteractive starter activity.
History and institutions – presentation15 minsShort presentation on the historical background, the institutions, the people and the events that are central to the European Union. 
Quiz10 minsA series of polls asking questions about their understanding of the EU and learning presented. 
Q&A10 minsQ&A relating to the EU, history and decision-making processes.

Session 2: EU Values, Priorities and Debate

Recap and starter5 minsIf Sessions 1 and 2 are run together this recap is replaced with a short break.

Engaging starter activity using online interactive tool recapping and reminding students of session 1 content through true or false statements about the EU, it’s history and institutions to assess their understanding. 
Values and Priorities10 mins Interactive presentation around the EU’s values, and how these are influencing its priority areas of action. 
Debate30 minsWe will support students through a debate on a question relating to the EU’s priorities and the future EU/UK relationship. Students will work in small groups to argue for a position, culminating with voting and opinion sharing.

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