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Our training model

All of our training is informal, interactive and focused on turning learning into action.

We train young people and adults, and find it especially rewarding to work with mixed groups.

In a few of our favourite projects we have helped people to:

School council training

Over the last 12 years we have run countless training sessions for school councils and their teachers. This important work is now being carried out by our sister charity, the Smart School Councils Community.

They offer the same great programmes with the same trainers, at the same price and by buying from them you are supporting a charity that aims to make all school councils inclusive, fun and effective.

Get school council training >>>

Training and group facilitation

We work with groups of all sizes, depending on the kind of outcomes you want. We can do team-building activities, creative meeting facilitation as well as educational sessions on specific topics.

Our rates vary depending on the nature of the project and particularly the length of the engagement. As a rough guide for longer term projects our rates may be £350 per day, for one-off sessions it may go up to £600. We will try to work within your budget though, especially for projects we see as having a positive impact on young people and their communities.

If you would like to talk through how we might work with your staff, volunteers or beneficiaries please do give Asher, Greg, or Sam a call on 020 3411 3294 or drop us an email

Speeches and workshops

We love reaching out to new audiences and organisations by giving speeches and running workshops on youth participation and student voice at conferences and events.

Here’s Asher in action at TedX Tottenham

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